ARP 6.0: Updates and Announcements

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The release of ARP 6.0 has brought a lot of exciting changes to the site. With the new ARP system in place, not only can you claim cosmetics, games, and more with these points - you're able to earn more than ever before. 


With that aside, I want to address the elephant in the room. We've taken note of all your feedback - good and bad - and most notably wanted to discuss concerns about the abrupt notice given before the ARP 6.0 update launch. Many of you were left with little to no time to redeem certain rewards and we've heard and understand the frustration this has caused. A tight timeline, technical delays, and other issues led to a less-than-perfect launch for this update. 

To help make amends, we have given everyone who visits this page 100 ARP. You can use it at the Marketplace for some new items or stockpile it for later. We know this won’t fix the issues you may have faced with the launch, but we hope this is a step in the right direction. We want this to be the best community site it can be, so we’re actively looking for ways to improve going forward.

In addition to this, I want to take the time to lay out some of the updates we have implemented and what is planned next for Arena.


Updates and Fixes to ARP 6.0:

  • Updated rewards page with terms link
  • Forum caching is updated (it’s faster now)
  • Avatar editor now works on mobile
  • Forums Mobile view - avatars size reduced
  • Marketplace redirects to homepage fixed
  • Duplicate Avatar items fixed
  • Fixed replies on Forums
  • 503 error on quest section fixed
  • Border issues in customization resolved
  • Missing borders have been returned to users
  • Rewards page formatting issues resolved
  • Forums timestamps returned
  • Avatar now links to personalization section

Here's what's on the horizon:

  • More UI/UX improvements
  • ARP Log coming soon


One last announcement

On Monday (April 25th) we will unveil a new way to earn ARP and site rewards with Steam Community Events. Our Steam Community Events take the cumulative playtime of our members and awards prizes such as ARP, Badges, and Borders for reaching specific time milestones. We’ll be kicking off this new event with SMITE.


Alienware Arena wouldn't be a community site without our community members. I appreciate your patience, feedback, and participation as we continue to grow the site and bring new events, opportunities, and updates your way.

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You expect us to be happy with 100 ARP? That doesn't even get close to what we lost. Just let us use our life-time ARP. We worked for it, so let us spend it.


100 arp so many? Never got it so many before on quest, but thx a lot! ;)

Pessimistic Optimist

100 ARP? When it costs thousands to redeem merch that I could have claimed (for free!) - but missed?
That's just laughable...

"Spend it on cosmetics" you say - but I don't want those cosmetics or that horrible avatar in the first place! I want my custom and unique avatar back!

Clame games - when codes are gone in a few minutes after vault is open... No difference with giveaways, and doesn't matter if you have enough ARP if bots are snatching everything.

As for borders - I'm not 100% sure, but somehow it feels that before that cluster!@#& of update I had more than 62 borders that I can see now. Can't pinpoint what exactly is missing (and if it actually is), but the general uneasy feeling is there - and probably will be there anyway. And yes, I know that I can go through rewards logs and check it all - but who has the time for that? And besides - those logs go back just 10 pages, just 3 years back (at least for me). I can't even check what was awarded before that even if I want...


Abandon All Hope

Give me my dlc Sadako Rising pendosu! I need it! I deserve it! I tier 5 old!