A critical disassembly of the recently discontinued style of case on an R13 & a question for those who own one

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A more critical overview of the Aurora Legend 2 series of desktops and their designs with regard to airflow problems and baffling decisions with overengineering of the cases that were being used. Mostly curious as to members of the Arena who own a PC within this generation of AW Desktops, R13, R15 etc., what has been your experience with the machine you own? Has the case presented any significant issues (especially as it relates to thermals) that the case's excentric visual and mechnical design choices are
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OP disclaimer: I am not an Alienware hater, and I do not necessarily think these machines featured in this particular video are "RIP-OFF"s as the thumbnail so inflammatorily states. But the content within the video is genuinely of value when we're looking critically at what went wrong and what went right with since discontinued designs. It is important to objectively assess what end results are being "achieved" so the future iterations can be improvements and not further missteps. The minimum for a machine of such a premium cost point, should be a PC where the individual components all achieve the manufacturer's baseline, if not improve upon it. It should never be an inferior CPU or GPU or overall system/user experience as a direct result of AW's proprietary design decisions. We shouldn't be going backwards in performance and utility and compatibility while rushing ever forward on the price point. Just my take.