Use the ARP you’ve earned to claim rewards


Cherry Blossom Monster Trunks
85 ARP
Cherry Blossom Monster Core
85 ARP
Cherry Blossom Monster Head
85 ARP
Blue and Gray Scarf
35 ARP
Black and White Cat
100 ARP
Inflatable Dumbbells
35 ARP
Muscle Suit
75 ARP
Morning Coffee Border
75 ARP
Pinball Machine (Animated)
425 ARP
Anna the Huntress Hatchet and Broad Axe
80 ARP
Anna the Huntress Sarafan
80 ARP
Dead by Daylight Huntress Border (Animated)
500 ARP
Snow Storm Border (Animated)
350 ARP
Winter Lights Border (Animated)
450 ARP
Wearable Wreath
45 ARP
Ugly Holiday Sweater
55 ARP
Pink Bunny Suit
75 ARP
Italian Leg Lamp
75 ARP
Alienware Fidget Spinner
1450 ARP
Alienware Mouse Pad
1400 ARP
Alienware XL Mousepad
1600 ARP
Nature Calls Border
75 ARP
Gorilla Feet
50 ARP
Gorilla Hands
50 ARP