no daily quests for today? I dont saw qusst like 3 days, only this "QD-OLED Gaming Monitors Walkthrough" and its completed 3 days ago, where is ship quest?
02.12.2024 12:55:58 - Killogy -
02.12.2024 12:59:12 - Alexsed -
thx I mostly use control center, this new site design very bad like always
02.12.2024 14:43:06 - TheTruTH2262 -
Make sure to sign out and in each day, as that can also affect the quest changeover
02.12.2024 16:06:19 - Punished_Pyle -
You can always try manually editing the URL incrementally from the last known, good daily game. Today's would be
02.12.2024 17:45:43 - PouffyPlacebo -
I have the same problem looking at the control center. Guess I've been missing out on a lot of quests.