Encouragement post for mods/admins to express thanks for the survey reimbursement. While it's important to hold others accountable, I feel it's also equally valid to deliver praise when something is fixed properly. Keep this same energy going forward towards ARP errors & I'm sure the user-base will always feel appreciated
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02.24.2024 11:27:11 - maramire -
What survey reimbursement? I have not got anything for trying several times.
02.24.2024 13:09:09 - duepeace -
Go to Daily Quests, there should be a new one called Our Apologies. Click on that and you should automatically get 20 ARP.
02.24.2024 14:10:49 - alexfrk -
02.24.2024 18:28:18 - oteriba -
Maybe next they will give reimbursement for those that watch Twitch but don't get points.