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Hey folks - Don't forget, even though we've hit all the community milestones, you can still get in and earn all the rewards from ESO Community Event until April 16th! So link your account and get your new mount!
The Karthwolf Charger Mount
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04.08.2024 16:47:01 - Lokiator -
I just wish the wolf didn't bark every time I start sprinting. I **always** think I'm being attacked by an animal when that happens. :P
04.08.2024 17:40:54 - dreZmoL -
Or stand near a distracted player and do the wolf howl with the spacebar. I'm not saying I've done it. x)
04.08.2024 17:53:44 - Graybliz -
Hi I've hit the milestone for the mount how do i claim it?
04.08.2024 18:02:24 - _Azrael_ -
Same question as Kushal, I've done plenty of hours grinding on the anniversary(no luck this yearswith event boxes and definitely zero luck with those motifs at dolmens, etc) I don't see where to claim it and got nothing when I logged at ESO
04.08.2024 18:30:20 - Pylawn -
@Kushal_Karthik @_Azrael_ If you go here you should be able to scroll down and see the code you need and the instructions to redeem it.
04.08.2024 18:34:37 - dreZmoL -
@_Azrael_ @Kushal_Karthik The keys are in: You can redeem them on the game's official website, in the Profile section.
04.08.2024 18:45:19 - _Azrael_ -
@Pylam @dreZmol OK... All this time here and now I feel like an idiot -_-u Honestly, I'm not getting used to the new UI. Thanks both! Have fun at anniversary.
04.08.2024 19:22:50 - dreZmoL -
I hadn't seen that you had already received a reply. The Wolf is pretty funny. x)
04.08.2024 20:04:13 - Graybliz -
Thanks a bunch guys that was really helpful (I'm new here).
04.08.2024 20:44:05 - dreZmoL -
You're welcome :D