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Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that I made a mistake with the March merch redemptions (files got mixed up on the backend) so the gear you redeemed there might be a bit delayed there, but is still on the way! So if you haven't heard anything yet you should soon!
Sorry about that!
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04.23.2024 02:39:40 - LEX4718 -
04.23.2024 18:35:43 - Only4War1988 -
np, thx for the info Jon
04.24.2024 01:44:25 - HayabusaGTR -
I tried a couple contacts about the situation with no responses so I do appreciate this update/info. Thanks
04.24.2024 03:28:53 - Gainen -
Sh@# happens. A small delay on the fun stuff won't hurt anybody. Gimme my shiny new dice please.
04.25.2024 10:31:58 - MaXeLL01 -
Still waiting in fact!
04.25.2024 12:02:06 - fungoid_mass -
cheers, was wondering why I hadn't heard about my mouse pad